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 About Chamlabour

Our dedicated team of professionals take care of labour queries before they become unnecessary problems. We know what the law requires of companies, and we are here to assist and ensure that you are compliant to legislation, all the way.

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  • Drafting of contracts
  • Job descriptions


Sanction Guide

(a) What is the most appropriate charge?
(b) What information should be reflected on the warning?  
(c) What is the time period for the issuing of warnings?
(d) Keeping of records
(e) Can I use a warning that expired?


Progressive Discipline and the Sanction Guide.

Suspension from duty:
(a) What does this mean? 
(b) When should I suspend an employee?
(c) What is the procedure?
(d) Duration of suspension 


Disciplinary Hearings

(a) When should a hearing be conducted?
(b) What should I do before I decide to arrange a hearing?
i. Paperwork
ii. Investigation
iii. Notification


The Hearing

(a) What is the role the Chairperson?
(b) Who should be present?
(c) What type of evidence should be produced?
(d) Are there different types of evidence?