Disciplinary Action

Advice provided regarding all disciplinary action,including the chairing of hearings at your premises. setting up a meeting with one of our agents and they will assist you deal with the matter as soon as possible.



we provide step by step assistance during a retrenchment process. Consultation is key and we ensure that we provide sound advice and reliable documentation to ensure that you comply with legislation.



Because the post-dismissal procedure of having to attend the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Bargaining Councils is time consuming and unpredictable, we assist in the preparation and representation of hearings.



Equity in the work environment is not only good business practice but will also assist with your BBBEE rating. Included in the Chamlabour fee is the submission of your annual Employment Equity Report to the Department of Labour. As an optional extra we also assist with the drafting and implementation of your Employment Equity plan. Adhering to the Employment Equity Act ensures that you won’t be liable for penalties.


Legal Advise

We are committed to providing accurate legal advice to ensure peace of mind when dealing with labour relations. Chamlabour sources Advocates when needed as their associates to carry out court cases at special rates for our members.



We draft and provide company policies as well as disciplinary codes and guidelines. we ensure that your employment contracts are current and up todate with any changes in legistaltion and bargaining council main agreements.